Wild Card Inspiration

Organise a sports or games afternoon for families in your neighbourhood

Organising activities for families is a great way to get neighbours together. Dust off the old favourites like sack and egg and spoon races or organise a sports game in the local reserve. Fun is at the heart… Read More

Share resources like tools, books, toys and sports gear

Why own lots of tools and resources if you can share them with your neighbours? Sharing resources is part of a new wave of collaborative consumption, a way to rethink about the how we consume resources and build… Read More

Consider the five ways to wellbeing for your neighbourhood

The five ways to wellbeing outline five actions that individuals can use in day to day life to enhance the wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and organisations. The five ways to wellbeing are promoted by the Mental Health… Read More

Organise how you will welcome new neighbours

Friendly faces and knowing people by name is a great way to start out life in a new neighbourhood. How will you welcome new neighbours when they first move in? Welcoming new neighbours into your neighbourhood means that… Read More

Saying hello and introducing yourself to your neighbour

Say Hello Saying hello and introducing yourself to your neighbour is the first step in getting to know them better.  This is the easiest first step in getting to know your neighbours!

Get your workplace, church, school or sports club involved

Workplaces, churches, schools and sports clubs exist within neighbourhoods – planning a neighbourhood get together can enhance the relations with neighbouring households and gives you an opportunity to connect with your local community!

Take extra garden produce to your neighbour

Sharing extra produce can be a great way to connect with your neighbours and make sure that none of your garden produce goes to waste! Share any extra produce from your garden with your neighbours.  We all know… Read More

Invite your neighbour over for tea/coffee and conversation

Having a chat with your neighbour to find out more about them is a great way to get to know them better. Often we have common interests with those who live closest to us that we would never… Read More

Collect your neighbours contact details

Knowing your neighbours contact details means that you have the opportunity to contact them during emergencies or to easily get them together for a neighbourhood gathering. Collect your neighbours contact phone numbers and email addresses with any other… Read More

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